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UPDATE! Our new server release date for PitCraft 2.0 will be January 4th. Be there for exclusive features and events! Our staff is made up of older players who have been running minecraft servers for 2 years now. We despise hackers, lag, and childish spammers. We are are constantly looking for new things to add to the server for players to enjoy! My gf and I decided to host our own game after playing so many terrible servers. We want to create a community based server. If you see something you want submit the idea on our forums. We do care about every player who joins, if you have a question or concern please submit it to our forums. Or just help with anything please do not hesitate to post! I will Loki will personally invest every ticket/post submitted. ALL donations go to the server Webpage, and server costs. Unlike other servers where you donate, and never see any change. Check out details about the server at our Planet Minecraft page! Website: Features: Dedicated 24/7 - PVP - Bukkit - Survival - MobArena - Spleef - Economy - Hunger Games - Factions - Perks - Classes - Parkour - Multiverse - LWC - No Whitelist- No Lag- MCMMO-Creative-Casino Adding more weekly. Our server is a on going project of things to do! Rules: No chat spam (24hour mute for spam) No griefing in Lobby World No ALL CAPS No advertising No hacks, cheats No marcos Be mature and respectful No asking for mod/gm/sponsor/admin/fly No abusing admins *If you find any evidence of a staff member abusing report it ASAP to lycanloki on our site Ranks: Owner: lycanloki only. Co-Owner: Animeann only. Admin: admins are trusted mods who report directly to loki. Sponsor or Mod: Staff memebers who assist in everyday issues. Champion: Winners of our hunger games server. Survivor: Normal players default rank. Staff/Ages. Owner: lycanloki (Age: 24) Co-Admin: AnimeAnn (Age: 23) Admin: Bambam8652 (Age: does not want it public) Admin: Jestureken (Age: 22) Admin: Fr3ckles (Age: 20)

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Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
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Version 1.12
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