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Vote For Welcome to The We have a minecraft build server, that is based in the Netherlands. You can connect to our server by entering into your minecraft client. ip: Features: A combination of realistic Build, survival, pvp, farming and trade server. Building Different levels of builders: everyone starts as a builder and can become kilobuilder, megabuilder or even gigabuilder. A higher builder class has acccess to more tools, and can build at more places. To go level up one needs to show his build skills to the server team. protected regions: Every builder has right to at least one private region. Only he can build there. Every builder can add friends who can also build inside his region. Ask any admin on the server to give you your own region. Survival You can die: A simple fall or burn can kill you. There are pvp zones and zones where mobs can be found. beeing in these zones for too long can hurt your health too. You need to have a steady supply of food to recuperate. You're on your own: Outside of protected areas you are on your own. No one will heal you, no one will teleport you if you are lost. If you are lost and your food runs out in the dark night, you will have to survive! Animals: We have animals for food and items. Evil mobs: We have enemy mobs and you either kill them or they will kill you! Player vs player Gladiator arena's. Here players must fight for their lives. If they die they will lose everything! The wilderness: outside of cities there are zones where pvp can occur. be cautious! Trading Trading and selling of items and blocks: start your own enterprise and become rich! Limited give commands: economy is about choices. You need to choose because you cannot be given everything you like.That is why we have limited the use of give so people need to trade to fulfill their needs. Realism Time of day is protected: For maximum realism the moderators will not change the time of day. A builder can build during the day and admire his work in the evening. Survivers have to survive through the night (when the mobs come) Movement: We don't allow accelerated time travel or commands or tools who make you move in a not realistic way. (no Flying, Teleports, portals, warping) Only moderators will teleport in exceptional cases to help people or to otherwise solve server related problems. We do recommend boats or minecarts for faster travel. One world just like home: We dont have a nether or eather, and we have all the items and mobs of these places in our own world! No x ray mods cheats etc: It is not fair if some people can easily find large amounts of expensive items, while others have to work hard for them, that is why we block any hack or cheat we know of to make it fair for everyone. On the video page you can see a preview of the first city on the server. Now we have more than one city. We hope you will join to help us build more and better. Be welcome on our server. For questions you can open a topic on the forum page. Or add me to skype Skype Me™! You can join our server by entering the following ip into your minecraft client: server ip: We hope to see you soon and build trade and survive together! Wiigor
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Registration DateFebruary 05, 2017
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