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Many years ago, the Realm of Cerberus has been at peace. The King and Queen ruled with fairness and citizens prospered. However, the ruling political factions of Cerberus betrayed the King and broke away from Cerberus. Even with a divided Kingdom, Cerberus was still peaceful. But war broke out among the remaining factions and a struggle for power began. The King can barely hold his throne. Many new factions form to conquer the other factions in a fight for dominance in Cerberus... Welcome to CerberusCraft! CerberusCraft, in addition to its lore, hosts a variety of Mini-Games such as Hardcore Factions, Creative Plots, Survival Games, and several Arcade games. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable and always prepared to help anybody out. Our playing environment is a friendly one for people of all ages and the server functions are simple enough for a young player, but powerful enough for a veteran player. As you read this, a tremendous amount of work is going into CerberusCraft. We invite you to come on board the CerberusCraft community and enjoy the ride! Features of CerberusCraft: -Mini-Games (Hardcore Factions, Creative Plots, Survival Games, and Arcade) -Soft Currency System - Earn money from winning games and spend it on perks -Friendly Community -Active and kind staff What's in the Arcade? Please note this is subject to change without notice. -Spleef -Sumo -Hide and Seek Murder <a href=""><img src="" alt="Minecraft Banner Maker"></a> Thank you so much for reading this. I hope you give us a try! Hey, and if you like our server, tell your friends! We'd love to see all of you in-game! Goodbye.

CerberusCraft Network
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