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Build, PvP, Survival, Creative, Games - Play on only one world or on all five!

Minecraft Crafter's Community

Server IP:

Discord: Can be found via our website

Community Website:

Minecraft Crafter's Community is a well established community full of people and moderators with passion for the game. This is a non-whitelist server, so you don't have to "apply" to be able to join or build once you log in. We keep the experience as friendly as possible!

We offer a wide variety of worlds to choose from!

Build World: Build amazing structures out of legitimately acquired (you work for what you need!) items without fear of being killed! No PvP, stealing, griefing, or hostile mobs on this world!

Survival World: Those of you who want the challenge of building and surviving in a world full of monsters, this world is for you! Inventory here is shared with the Build World. Nether is enable in this map, PvP is disabled and griefing is not allowed.

Creative World: Want to make something amazing and extravagant? We have a world specifically for you! Prove that you can contribute through an application process on our forums and you will be granted access to build with unlimited materials, and no griefing, stealing or pvp of any kind!

Games World: CTF, A Labyrinth, Spleef, Archery, Arena fights, and more await here, all for you to partake in! Games truly has it all! Have a suggestion for a game you think we should add? Tell us on our forums!

Flatlands: A custom generated map created by our plugin administrator Bmlzootown! Flatlands is a different kind of survival experience, just begging for you to discover its secrets!

Spheres World: An old favorite, spheres is world of generated dome encased biomes! Claim a sphere, or a network of them! This is a world of exploration, laying claims and having fun!

All of the amazing structures built on every map and in various cities around the server were done without any /gives, or /items, or /kits (with the exception of the Games and Creative worlds). You have to work for everything you want to have on the server.

~Family Friendly Community~

We use mainly discord for our voice chat, and forums at our website.

Summary of Server Rules:

1. Watch your language and topics, be respectful! This a public family-oriented, G-Rated server. We have younger members who play on our server. Typing a word out takes an effort! You CAN avoid saying it! This includes but is not limited to cursing, sexual based discussion, drug based discussion (including alcohol), harassment/bullying, spamming the chat, and any foul language replacement tools, such as using **ck instead of the actual word. - PS: This rule also applies to player names. Player names that are inappropriate will be banned, even if said player may have done nothing wrong.

2.-Build: NO griefing, Stealing, Harassing, or otherwise disrespecting our players on the server, or on our website. These are ban-able offenses and we don't hesitate!

2-PVP: Stealing and griefing is allowed! Find and loot an enemy base, or TNT it into the ground - your choice! It's hardcore PvP at it's best!

3. Hacking, Client-side mods (with the exception of: Improved Chat Mod, Rei's Minimap, and Better grass mods), or otherwise Cheating will not be tolerated! Our server is a cheat-free legitimate server. All of our players work hard for their items and structures. Please respect that. See through texture packs and X-ray mods of any kind will be subject to a ban.

4. Be Respectful. --Treat other players as you would like to be treated.

5. Notify a Mod or Admin immediately if you see any rules being broken. If we are not on-server, post here on the forums to get our attention. Take screenshots if possible and link them in your post. You must log in and post in the appropriate section to get noticed in a timely fashion! We may not see it if it's in the wrong place. This includes if you feel you are wronged by another player, VIP, or even a moderator!

6. Respect and Obey - If a moderator and/or Admin asks you to do something, please comply in a timely fashion. We don't instruct or ask you for our own amusement.

7. If you have been banned from the server, you may post a ban appeal in our forums. You are hopefully respectful and detailed in your post or you WILL be ignored! So please follow Rules #1 and #4 in your post. Feel free to come and join our server, and find yourself in a great community! Visit our forums at: !

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