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FatDog Minecraft: Cauac is a Minecraft (survival mode - rated R) game-world which is built, maintained, destroyed, and managed by the players themselves, in every aspect. Within the limits of the game, you, as a player, have total freedom to do as you wish and choose your own path, in any way. You can build where you like, mine where you like, go where you like, and do things your own way. PvP is enabled so if you should be doing something that another player doesn't like I'm sure you'll find out, and vice-versa. Cauac is a LARGEBIOMES biomes map with vastly unexplored regions containing undiscovered resources, structures, and untold wealth. You are able to build obsidian portals and venture to The Nether, or explore the seas to locate Ocean Fortresses and shipwrecks, or seek out Strongholds and travel to The End to do battle with the mighty Ender Dragon! The adventure awaits you!

Be aware that Cauac is Rated R and players under 18 years of age should be supervised by an adult. Strong language and dialogue, and violent player killing, are commonplace so some discretion is advised if you're likely to find this kind of behaviour offensive. No items are provided when you first log in, your inventory will be empty. There will be no Admin presence to hold your hand, or show you the way, or give you free items. An Admin will never interfere with game world activity or any individual player(s). The only time you're likely to see an Admin in-game is when there's a problem or for maintenance purposes.

Rules: On Cauac you make your own rules, within the limits of the game of course. If your rules do not agree with someone elses then that's your problem to deal with. Diplomacy is one tool at your disposal, brute force is another. It's up to you whether you enforce your own law or abide by someone else's. Anything is possible on Cauac, you just have to make it happen. NB: The only thing that's not allowed are mods/hacks/cheats for the Minecraft client which gives individual players special abilities and/or functions (such as flying, free teleporting, etc.) which aren't already available in the game to players normally. The ability to play the game, interact with other players, attack and defend, should be the same for ALL players at all times. Even though some interactions are going to be undesirable, or immoral, and/or totally unfair, all players should have an equal chance to succeed, or fail, in all situations. If it's carried out within the limits of the game provided (without mods/hacks/cheats) then it's all well and good. Players found using mods/hacks/cheats will be banned from the server.

PvP is very active on Cauac. There are no restrictions and no punishment for killing other players. Safety can be found in numbers and by using your head.

In Brief: Cauac is a survival (SMP), rated R (+18), world with a totally open PvP attitude, where players have the freedom to play as they wish. There is NO teleporting, flying, or creative mode. There is no help or assistance from the Admin's. Players will drop all items in their inventory when they die.


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