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OxyDrug is a new OP, Drugs server which is user-friendly and includes many different features such as classes, quests, guns, grenades, bossing, two variations of parkour, stable economy, auctions, and unlockable tags which can be unlocked through doing a variety of tasks! Can you reach the last rank? Come and try today at! •Overpowered kits •Three different classes! Feather Feet – receive no fall damage Pyro Man – receive no fire or lava damage Creepermune – receive no explosive damage •Ranking up system. You can rank-up through the following ranks: Dealer - $10,000 Distributor - $30,000 Cultivator - $100,000 Smuggler - $500,000 Lieutenant - $1,000,000 Captain - $7,500,000 Drug Lord - $25,000,000 Heisenberg - $75,000,000 All ranks gain access to more homes, and a kit which is dedicated to their rank! •Drugs which can be both sold and used! •Voting system with epic rewards •Parkour, both easy and hard with rewards! •PvP Arena to battle your friends •GUI shop which enables you to purchase goods on the go! •Oxy the boss – an epic boss with great rewards •Quests to complete to gain different tags and rewards Play Time quests Voting quests Growing quests Mob slaying quests Mining & crafting quests Player vs Player quests Alchemy quests Fishing quests Explorer quests •Tags which are unlocked by doing certain things on the server Special – logging onto the server on opening day Athletic – completing the easy parkour Ninja – completing the hard parkour Pig – completing the Pig Lord quest Cow – completing the Cow Lord quest Sheep – completing the Sheep Lord quest Zombie – completing the Zombie Lord quest Skeleton – completing the Skeleton Lord quest Creeper – completing the Creeper Lord quest Oxy – killing the ultimate boss, Oxy Fisherman – completing the Fish Lord quest PvP – completing the PvP Legend quest Angel – Donating to the server for the Angel rank Icarus – Donating to the server for the Icarus rank Emperor – Donating to the server for the Emperor rank Daedalus – Donating to the server for the Daedalus rank •Player vaults to store your items (/pv) •Epic donator ranks and perks Angel Icarus Emperor Daedalus Currency Worldguard Plots There are also many other features, and many others to come! Displayed below are the rules of the server: 1 – No spamming 2 – No advertising 3 – No racism or homophobia 4 – No client-modifications (Xray, Forcefield, etc.) 5 – Alternate accounts are allowed 6 – Scamming is allowed Server Website:

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Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
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Version 1.12
CategoriesEconomyGunsParkourPVPZombie SurvivalDrugGoodWar
CountryUnited States of America flag