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Doreeworld Gaming

Doreeworld Gaming Community: Welcome to Doreeworld we have multiple worlds with separate themes that fit with each world type. When you would log into Doreeworld for the first time you would start out in Tartarus where you will have a kit of tools and food waiting for you. Build a suitable house and learn the rules. After completing this you are then promoted to member and brought to our main survival world called "Elysium Fields". You are also then given access to all our other worlds, Pandora's Box which is a pvp/anarchy anything goes (giefing included) world with a kind of post apocalyptic theme going. iCreate our long standing flatland creative world where you can build anything you like. Smithsonian (creative) where you can either build in our full landscape free-build or just wander aimlessly exploring our gigantic "museum" of sorts from both present and past members from Doreeworld and our formerly sister server Realm. In addition: Allow all member to use Zombe's fly mod everywhere but our pvp world, In game rank up system using in game money to get better commands (10 in total) Every week we hold several contests we call "build-offs” win in-game money and sometimes titles and kits filled with building blocks useable in our Elysium Fields world. Also have other server events such as past events like the olympics and hunger games, also parties like our annual birthday party for the server. In Doreeworld you will find mature respectable staff and a warm close-knit community looking to grow with your help. We hope to make you a member of our community. Doreeworld Facts: 64 slot 2 GB and growing 24/7 dedicated Over 1,020 players promoted to Member 5 Worlds: Tartarus (guest world) Elysium Fields (main survival world) Pandora's Box (anarchy) iCreate (creative) Smithsonian (creative) Some Fun Plugins: appleseed, BlueTelepand, chestshop, CombatTag, essentials, iconomy, jobs, LWC, mcmmo, multihome, Multiverse, Multiverse-Inv, PaidRanks, quicksign & WorldEdit. I am always open to suggestions for more plugins Contact Doreeworld: Website: Facebook Group: Forum: Google+: Youtube: Email: [email protected] Twitter: @DoreeWorld

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Doreeworld Gaming
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Doreeworld Gaming
Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
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