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Good Gaming MC [1.8 - 1.10] is a custom coded and super chill, lag free Minecraft network for all ages. Come relax and play on one of our many feature packed servers.<br /> <br />[x] Survival-economy {State of the art land protection with a simple /claim command}<br /> <br />[x] OP Prison {Feature packed, lag-free, custom coded enchants, plots, and more! Featuring one simple /mine command to warp to your unlocked mines} <br />[x] Arena PvP {Beta Kit/Arena PvP server called Versus. Designed to become a platform for competitive Minecraft. FFA & Chill} <br />[x] More custom modes to come! {MineSwarm, SkyWars, Arcade}<br /> <br />_______________________ <br />MODDED SERVERS <br />_______________________<br /> <br />[x] 1.7.10 Sky Factory 2.5 {Updated Sky Factory with high amounts of resources to support 24/7 play.} <br />[x] More modded servers on their way! {Pixelmon, Infinity}<br /> <br />IP: MC.Good-Gaming.Com <br />Where amateurs become pros:

Good Gaming Network
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Version 1.13
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