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[Towny] [Survival Games] [Mini Games] [KitPvP] [OP Prison] [Creative] [SMP] [Mob Arena] [Build Battle] [Lag Free] [Quests/RPG] and many more servers! Come check out our freshly started Minecraft Network, providing nothing but High Quality and Lag Free content for your enjoyment! Towny [Survival/SMP] The best Minecraft has to offer along-side the luxury of being able to protect what you’ve earned and even bring in an economy. Towny turns Minecraft into a creative, sandbox, life simulation game. It brings elements of our world into that of Minecraft and requires dedication and hard work to get to the top. With things like shops, auction houses, and a player to player trading system we’ve created a way for people to grow their fortunes. Play the auctions smart, take your chance at the lottery, or run a store through your town spawn. Realm Battle [Kit PvP] Not your typical kit-pvp server, but still boasts over 25 kits. There’s plenty of abilities to choose from as you earn gold from defeating your enemies. Join small groups, or join a clan and fight alongside your allies. Our dynamic gamemode adds fun RPG elements even to the most basic of mini-games. Battle between all the realms, with rotating maps to change up your experience every time you play! HyrealmCaptives [OP Prison] A new take on OP Prison. Guilds to build the community, and lots of awesome enchants to help you tear it down! Take on opposing guilds in the fighting pits, bet on the winners, and raise your fortune. The goddess will be ready to set you free once you’ve completed your duty, ascending you into the demi-god status and above. Earn new ranks, commands, and abilities every time you play! That is, assuming you please the goddess. Sunfury Creative [Competitive Creative] Ever wanted to play a long with a bunch of professional Build Team members? Now you can! Our Creative Server is the home to the famouns Build Team Sunfury! Come test out your building skills in styled Build Battles against BT members and regulare Users or just have a chat with your friends, and build to your hearts content! Rank progression with WorldEdit + Voxel Sniper + 501x501 Mega Plots! Survival Games [SG/HG Mode] Check out your PvP skills in a last-man-standing battle mode! 24-48 players will compete against eachother in a death match type of game, where only the best will survive! Complete with scoreboard and leaderboard features! [More servers?] We are always looking to expand! Request what server you would like to see on our network via our website!

Hyrealm Network
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Hyrealm Network
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