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HorizonCity- Network

HorizonCity- Network

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Everytime you rankup, you will unlock permissions which you can use thru out the whole server. If you decide NOT to rankup, then the server will feel more like a vanilla xbox one version of minecraft. We offer survival, creative and a few games to enjoy like kit PVP, spleef, hide and seek. all games are made in vanilla coding (no plugins) The server as been open for more than 2 years and won't be closing ... ever :) Were a small community. With No lag and 100% uptime So you can get on 4am in the morning... and the server will still be there! We build all our games, stories, and RPG elements in 100% vanilla coding. The Plugins we use are purely for to improve your experience as you rank up. NOTE: this is NOT a prison server. its is a Survival/Creative server with a /rankup twist.

HorizonCity- Network
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Registration DateFebruary 05, 2017
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Version 1.12
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