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The Pokemon World Project

The Pokemon World Project

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Live Map! Wanted! Passionate builders who share a love for the Pokemon world! I, Cynark and my team of skilled and devoted moderators, have decided to undertake a HUGE minecraft project. We have decided to construct the ENTIRE Pokemon world within minecraft. Many have rebuilt the game worlds, especially from generation 1, but that's not what we are attempting. We intend to build the Pokemon world at a realistic scale, as if straight from the anime or manga Pokemon worlds. Region by region, I create the landforms in worldpainter, this takes me quite a while because i like to put a lot of detail in to save us doing it in game. This is where you players come in! Of course there are hundreds or even thousands of buildings to be made in total. This is why we have instated a very efficient rewards system. When you build something, you call over a moderator or an Admin to have a look at what you have made, if they think it is ready to be put into our world (or into storage) you will be paid in game money, with which you can buy RANKS! These ranks eventually do lead to you becoming a MODERATOR yourself, which many players have achieved before. Project leaders needed!If you want to take lead in the development of an entire city of your own, these positions are now available! Just ask when you log on to see which cities need development. A new option for building! An empty house can be built for you by an admin, and you can earn your ranks by filling them in with furniture! This makes it much more likely for your creations to end up in our cities as we already know they are the right size. Our Progress The way we do it is, when you first join you will be given your own area to build, I will see the things you build and copy and paste them into the cities they fit in! If you prove yourself to be a talented designer with good knowledge, I will give you access to the cities themselves, so you can build straight into them!It should be noted that you do not have to limit yourself to things that exist in the current region! We intend too (eventually) complete the ENTIRE Pokemon world, so if there is anything you have the burning desire to build from the world, we would be more than happy to have it saved to our archive until the region it is from begins construction! Actually, a large amount of the world has nothing to do with Pokemon, normal houses shops and factories and the like, so you don't even really have to be that into Pokemon!We have a few side projects too that we will still pay you money for, such as a medieval kingdom we are working on. Server Rules: You will only be able to use worldedit once you have proved yourself to us as devoted and knowledgable on pokemon. I am not going to stop young players joining but immaturity is bannable. If you ask for OP, admin, or worldedit first you will be kicked second you will be banned. Remember, I can see the chat logs, I know who is pretending to own the server and who is attempting those TNT commands again and again. You will be banned and accomplish nothing. The server IP is: If you have any questions PLEASE ask me, otherwise I look forward to seeing you on the server!

The Pokemon World Project
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