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Beacon of serenity (1.11.2) is a server that provides the complete experience for people who want to enjoy everything Minecraft has to offer. We are a 24/7, truly international server that covers the entire globe with players from 5 continents and a dozen time zones. 

We offer a variety of plugins that allow our players the freedom to play Minecraft THEIR way: 

Time-based Player Perks - The more you play the more perks you unlock! Unlock cool perks including a 2nd and 3rd home, bucket use, the /back command, /tpa, /jumpto, magic carpet, some craftbook ICs and even the ability to fly! 

Towny - Join one of our many towns, to build in safety - free from griefing, stealing, or surprise creeper attacks! Become a mayor and govern your residents, or start a nation and rule the map! Looking for a fight? Leave the boundaries of any town to find yourself in a pvp zone or collect XP from every MC mob in our vast wilderness. 

Jobs - Choose from any of the 18 available jobs and earn up to $100/hour! Then set up a secure chestshop to sell your goods, and earn your way up to the top of our player run economy! 

Mcmmo - Unlock awesome abilities and item drops as you play. Level up while you mine, build, hunt and explore. Can get the highest power level? 

Multiple settings of worlds:

Minigame: Multiple Minigames with various required players and games.

Survival(temporary removed): Almost vanilla world, fall damge is off but the rest is vanilla.

Towny: Good ole towny, The original base of the server multiple towns with different or no themes. Many with shops.

Creative(temporary removed): Yep Creative, Though it is a donator perk and a time rank perk it is still a creative world with availability to move it into the main world.

Our friendly staff is available around the clock to make sure your game play is as fair and fun as possible, and we utilize several plugins that keep chat clean, prevent hackers, and make the server safe for everyone! 

Hop on and say hello at or head over to our forums at and introduce yourself! 

We are constantly trying to improve the server so if you think of anything you would like us to add pop on over to the suggestion box on our forums and let us know! 

We have recently changed hands and are currently undergoing some major changes, so don't forget to come visit us and see the new things! two of which are a new map and a new Dev to get some fresh ideas into the server.

Last Updated: 2/26/2017

Beacon of Serenity
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Version 1.12
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