OuterRim ip: outerrim.mcph.co

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A server for any player including Factions, Prison And Mini-Games Much more coming soon! MiniGames can be located in prison as well as having their own multiplayer server!

Website: OuterRim.Enjin.com

Still under development if you come across any bugs please email: [url=mailto:[email protected] ][email protected]


The aim is to rankup (/rankup) by mining for resources and selling them in the shop you will also receive new items each time you rank up like new mines, new warps (/warp) and new kits (/kit) and an added bonus in each rank up area. There are also playable mini games in this server to help you along the way of the ranks.


The aim of this is to eliminate all other factions around you and become the strongest in power of all the factions you also have a choice of four ranks given the option at spawn they are all upgrade able and hold different features and made stronger when you /rankup.


The aim of this is literally just to have fun as we hope you do there are currently two mini games at the moment (CubeRunner and SurvivalGames) But we hope to add much much more in the future!

We would appreciate a vote and if you told your friends about this server so we can improve and become a nice reliable server for all player bases throughout the server.

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OuterRim IPouterrim.mcph.co
Registration DateMarch 05, 2017
Last Pingedabout 7 hours ago
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