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MineFrost Network

MineFrost Network

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- Friendly Players and staff that can help you with anything you may need. We strive to create a friendly and cheat free environment for all of our players

- Many features to enhance your play, we believe quality of life is important and we attempt to make gameplay as smooth as possible

- Skyblock and Survival game modes 

- Monthly events / activities

- Cross network chat so that you can keep in touch with your friends at all times

- Timed Ranks with perks

- Editable armor stands

- Auction house to trade items in a fun, unique, and exciting way

- Live Auctions

- Ability to create smooth blocks and logs

- Night can pass with only one person sleeping, this is just one example of our many QoL features

- Sit on stairs

- Player shops, is the auction house too fast paced for you? Trade directly with other players instead!

- Daily bonuses to reward you for coming back to visit our server

- FastCraft

- Split enchanted books

- Green houses

- MCMMO support with many different features that will make your gameplay experience special compared to others

- Backpacks (space based on time played)

- Fishing contests

- Player vaults

- Full GUI server shops

- Mineable mob spawners (Overwold)

- XP bank

- Pets, get an adorable companion that follows you around the server everywhere you go! There's lots of different animals and styles to choose from, come get yours today

- Vote rewards and crates, we reward our loyal members for helping our server grow

- Ticketing system, got an issue? We're here to help! Usually you will be able to have most of your questions answered by ingame staff members, but sometimes they can be more technical. For this, we have a ticket system to make sure you get help as quickly as possible.

OP Skyblock

- Ore Generators (rates based on time played)

- Gamebox (various games to play by yourself or with others)

- Elevator blocks

- Buy decorative heads

- Personal chest protection to help prevent griefing within your group

- Full Nether and End

- Land claims in the Nether

- Mob Arena

- Custom /blockall and /smeltall commands

- Creative plots for top donor rank


- More realistic terrain

- Elytra boost

- Random Teleport

- Land Claims

- Graves (your items saved upon death for retrieval)

- Horses teleport with you

- MCMMO Horse skill

MineFrost Network
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MineFrost Network
Registration DateMarch 07, 2017
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Version 1.12
CategoriesCreativeEconomySkyblockSurvivalMinigamesMCMMOSpaceWarOP Skyblock
CountryUnited States of America flag
Server TypeMinecraft Java Edition
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