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<div align=center><a href="" target="_blank"> <br><img src="" width="796" height="463" border="0" alt="Visit our website at!"> <br></a></div> Escapecraft (short for Escapist Minecraft, and is affiliated with the other Escapecraft, we are the official host of the single player puzzle maps, in a multiplayer setting) is a multiplayer Minecraft community that began as a user group on way back in August 2010. We've grown massively since then, into a community of our own with over 5,000 unique players. We aim to deliver a survival experience in its purest form; players work together to gather resources and fend off hostile creatures in an ever-changing world full of surprises. Which path will you choose? Will you live alone in the wilderness, settle down in a bustling city, or even lay the foundations of the next great Escapian civilization? It's up to you. We now feature a BRAND NEW 1.7 Minecraft world! With nearly every single biome available to you, there are endless choices to choose from. Whatever you do, you'll be part of a thriving community, led by a dedicated volunteer staff of more than 50 people, as well as numerous creative folk hard at work on future projects. We take any acts of griefing, stealing, or other unpleasantness very seriously; rest assured that your creations will be safe with us.

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