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Revival Craft - zombie apocalypse, factions, drugs, guns!

Last Reset: December of 2018 (Fresh Server!)

Revival Craft is a zombie apocalypse server, which features many additions to make the game more fun and entertaining. Form a faction, dominate your enemies, Sell zombie meat and drugs for money to rank up for access to better guns.  Destroy the competition and become the best! Each rank offers their own packages of guns and unique kits. Join now to experience the full brutality of a shooter style RPG in Minecraft, Revival Craft!

Because of guns, you must download our resource pack, a link to the download is located at this page on our website.

Server Rules:

  • No hacking
  • No duping
  • No glitching or exploiting
  • No Racism
  • No Staff Disrespect
  • No Auto Re-log
  • No Combat logging or clearing your inventory in a firefight
  • No Scamming in a safezone or non-pvp arena
  • No Autoclickers or Macros
  • No Hackusations without evidence
  • No Advertising
  • No Portal Trapping
  • No more than 2 alts per user
  • No Player Harrassment
  • No Spamming/Caps
  • No Shooting/Destroying Vehicles In Safezones
  • No Cobblemonsters, TNT or Griefing in a warzone
  • No lava flow into a warzone
  • No selling Items for real life money
  • Never accuse staff of anything
  • English only
  • No Impersonating ANYONE
  • No Going On Top of the Nether
  • Accepted Mods: Optifine 5zigMod with auto-relog off
    All other mods are bannable, do not use them

Revival Craft | Guns Drugs Factions
Server Information
Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
Last Pingedabout 13 hours ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.8
CategoriesEconomyFactionsPVPSurvivalGunsPVETNTMCMMOZombie Survival
CountryCanada flag
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