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Welcome everyone to Luxcraft !! A universal minecraft server featuring: • Survival worlds • a Dedicated Factions World • Anti Grief (Self provided) • Skills & Abilities • Jobs, Shops & Economy • Parkour • Spleef • Hunger Games • Mini PvP & Last Man Standing • Website & Forums • Automated ranks • Donator ranks • ... and more .... Bring your friends to the Last Man Standing, Mini PVP, Spleef, Races or Infected arenas !! or challange yourself with a go at our 5 rewarding the parkour courses. GETTING STARTED: 1. Join the server 2. Read rule signs 3. HAVE FUN !! 4. For latest news and updates, join our website Luxcraft uses Grief Prevention, Anti Xray, Anti Cheat Survival is the main theme, supported by mcMMO for skill experience and abilities. We also have a dedicated world for with Factions (PvP). There is ofcourse economy on the server, with shops and up to 20 different jobs to join. World List - Luxcraft - Our new main world spawning in Luxtown :) - World - Our old main world .. still around for legacy builds etc. - Factions - Dedicated world just for Factions (PvP), no rules apply so watch your back .... - Nether - a Hell world is a must for any server :) - Hunger Game Worlds ....

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Version 1.12
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