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Superheroes Unlimited The Server The Offical Server You've played the Superheroes Unlimited Mod on single-player and that can get old. Wanna hang with other superhero fanatics and have a good time? Join the official Superheroes Unlimited Server hosted by General Gigan and Tihyo. SERVER IP: SERVER WEBSITE: What can you do on the server you may ask? - Play modded survival with Superheroes Unlimited Mod with your friends! - Build your own base in wilderness with grief protection and special kits! - Play the Hero Games! - Save up enough in-game-money and buy a house in Super City! - Roam Super City and see it's cool features! - Spleef! - More to come! Mods required: (Link to download mods on SERVER WEBSITE) Superheroes Unlimited Mod (V4.3.12) Legends Core (V1.6) Biblio Craft (V1.11.4) Mods Recommended: RenderPlayerAPI (V1.0) NOTE! This server is Minecraft version 1.7.10! Tags: Modded Survival, MiniGames, Superheroes, Unlimited, Mod, Server, Hero Games, Spleef, Tihyo, General Gigan, Survival Credit: Tihyo, Nuchaz

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Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
Last Pingedover 1 year ago
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Version 1.7.10
CountryUnited States of America flag