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SkaiaCraft Cracked

SkaiaCraft Cracked

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Cracked - Free to play! We have 5 server IPs to choose from Factions & Hub - Vanilla server - Creative server - Hunger Games server - Paintball server - SkaiaCraft 1.8.9 (Also supports 1.9.x, 1.10, 1.10.1, 1.10.2) Spigot - Cracked - Hunger Games - Skyblock - Factions/Survival - Minigames - Homestuck server - RPG - Raiding If you already love this server, you can connect to it right now! Le IP: Mostly Faction Survival with tons of Minigames that pay you in-game money for completing/winning to buy items! A few of the popular Minigames we have are: -Skyblock (includes its own item shop for purchasing Skyblock-related things) -Paintball -Classic Hunger Games -Skywars -Parkour (PvP is enabled in most arenas, so watch out!) -Jump Maps filled with mob spawners -Capture The Flag (kits) -TNTRun -Spleef What makes us better:[/color] -Grief Protection and Rollback -No lag, up 24-7 -Staff always helping YOU -Cracked forever! Don't settle for just any server. SkaiaCraft is always online and has a 99.9% Uptime. We back it up every hour. If you lose your work to a grief, let us know and we'll roll it back for you! We are CRACKED and always will be. Created uniquely for the Homestuck fandom. An awesome place to build, socialize and be really cool. We are simply the best server there is. Tee hee.

SkaiaCraft Cracked
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Registration DateMarch 15, 2017
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Version 1.13
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