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Welcome to PhasmaCraft, a brand new Pixelmonmod 3.5.1 server that strives to offer the best player experience possible! Staff on our server are very friendly and interactive with the players. They are ready to assist our members with any problems they may come across. Any questions for the staff can be asked ingame or submitted as a support topic through our website. The PhasmaCraft server contains a large and expansive region for you and your friends to explore! Catch Pokemon as you visit new cities and towns, but be sure to watch out for the criminal teams - Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, Team Galactic, and Team Plasma - they’re out to cause trouble, as are an array of other mysterious evildoers that specialize in different Pokemon types. Our gym (and Elite Four) system offers a vast range of non-NPC gym leaders with competitive monoteams to provide members with challenging gym battles. Don’t wander into a gym unprepared, as they’re all specifically designed to be difficult! There is no need to worry about your buildings and creations being griefed, as we offer a land-claiming system in order for you to protect your land from other players that may want to destroy your structures. The server IP is and the website is We hope to see you all on the server!

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