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WickedCraft Welcome to the world of wickedcraft! We hope you enjoy your stay! We offer a wide range of worlds ranging from a peaceful survival to an all out war zone We even have a classic creative server for you pure creative needs. We offer various ranks as well, some free, some paid. However, we assure you all ranks have to follow the same rule set whether they are free, paid, or even staff. Here, unlike many servers, we believe in fairness. If someone breaks a rule, they will be punished as a person, not as the rank they carry. Speaking of staff, ours is filled with mature people that can handle most situations calmly and maturely without needlessly advancing conflict. Please allow us a moment of your time as we showcase what our server has to offer you... We offer a wide ranged player base, we do not turn away specific types of people with out good reason, and we offer everyone a fair chance to play here. We have an active owner in HaxorMoogle who is on several hours each day coding and improving the servers play-ability and features. ?Towny Survival? Here we have our main, as well as our hub map. The Towny Survival Server! We offer the towny plug in to you all. Choose whether to build a town on your own and maybe invite your friends or to join one of the servers massive towns already in progress. Towny plots (by default) measure 32X32 blocks, giving most people plenty of room to build and prosper. Most larger towns will even offer no taxes to their residents. Amongst just surviving, this map is also host to; a large PVP arena, a spleef arena, and a user run mall, You may see screen shots of each item below; The PVP is much larger than what is featured in this picture, that is but a small example of what our PVP has to offer. ? Skywars ? Prepare for a vicious assault as you fight for survival and supremacy. We offer both large and small islands here as well as a few platforms, most custom built by us and show a great flare for design as opposed to the regular small islands that most servers make you start on... However here, your kingdom will be set, equip the stuff from your chests and kill off your competitors 1 by 1! WickedCraft's owner is the official developer of the skywars plugin. So new features are always added and tested here first :) Over 130 custom maps to play on and battle to the death

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Server Information
Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
Last Pingedabout 2 months ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.11
CountryServers in United States of America
Server TypeMinecraft Java Edition