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IP: Website: Video: Donate: Mod App and Forum Post: Welcome to MCInfected 2.0! Incase you don’t know what MCI 2.0 is, this book should do a good job of explaining the basics. MCI 2.0 is an awesome minecraft gamemode that got inspiration from MW3’s infected mode, as well as supertt007’s MCI server. Now that that server has died, we recreated and updated the game to make it even more enjoyable than it once was. How to play: Each game, everybody stats out as a human. After a total of 60 seconds, a “virus” spreads and mother zombies (real players) spawn. Their job is to kill the remaining humans, who upon death, turn into zombies and attempt to kill the humans as well. Humans win if they can survive for 5 minutes. Zombies win if they can kill all the humans. You earn cookies for every kill, everytime a human dies while you’re a human, everytime a human dies when you’re an infected, and for winning the game as a human, or winning the game as an infected. Depending on what you do, you earn more or less cookies. These cookies can be spent by doing /shop. This allows players to upgrade their rank to get awesome new items as a human survivor. Infected on the other hand can rank up their classes. In order to do this, they have to complete certain challenges that pertain to the class’s abilities. All infected kits are unlockable without donating through the completion of challenges. By default, zombie and motherzombie (if first infected) are unlocked. There are 2 upgrade paths per infected class and 5 levels for each upgrade path. The user gets a special ability for their class at level 5. You can only upgrade one of the two paths to level 5, while the other path must remain at level 3. If a human reaches level 25, they can prestige and start the whole process over. They will exchange all of their ranks for a prestige token (to be used in the prestige shop) and for a prestige symbol in game. Donating: You can donate through the command /buy or going to and buying the rank there. We try to make our donor perks as fun and as worthwhile as possible to buy, without giving our donors an unfair advantage. Website: The Project Mayhem website is and the forums are If you want to apply for moderator, hang out with the community or anything else, you’ve found a link to the right place. Teamspeak: The IP to our teamspeak 3 server is What’s new? Added 25 Ranks instead of 20 Removed Lag and decreased Latency 2 NEW grenade types (Vacuum and Knockback Grenades) along with even more planned for the future Added Arrow Skins (for donors) All players can now unlock EVERY donor kit Back-End MySQL querying reduction times 5 New Maps by N11cK (Including WEB-ROOM!) Removed 7 maps due to file corruption (File was too old for the current MC Version) Server now works for 1.7.10 and 1.8 clients Added new infected kit unlock and upgrade system (You heard that right!) Each infected kit has 2 upgrade paths. You can unlock them by completing the first 2 upgrade challenges OR by donating for that kit. You can then upgrade the infected kit by completing the respective challenges for the upgrade path. You can get one upgrade path to level 5 (max upgrade) and the other one to a maximum of level 3. Added Auto-Ranking System (So you don't need to keep checking the shop and your stats) Added Scorestreaks and removed Killstreaks: Scorestreaks are now based on the amount of damage you deal to an infected, along with whether or not you got the final hit (kill) Nerfed strength and poison potions (You now have to drink the poison of potion for it to throw out a splash poison of poison. The drinkable poison will not damage you) All infected kits now have a "special ability" Reduced "buggyness" of zombies (invisibility glitch should occur less often if at all) Added Super Mystery Chests to the shop (Chance at 5000 cookies and a whole bunch of other items) Added new donor effects (fireworks, kittencannon, digsuises in lobby and more) Donors can fly in lobby Added mob differentiated donor kill effects (If a donor kills an enderman for example, enderpearls will fly out) All old MCI bugs are now fixed (Void glitch etc.) Ability to start customized cookie multipliers All of your favorite features that made MCI 1.0 awesome ARE INCLUDED! Added NEW WEBSITE AND FORUMS! (Currently a WIP) Scoreboard for zombies and humans and other stats Donors can fly in lobby Cookie menu in lobby New voting perks (added soon) Tutorial Book (You’re reading it!) WITH TONS MORE ADDED DAILY AND PLANNED FOR THE COMING WEEKS!

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