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Flame Network features many gamemodes for all types of players; whether you like bending, roleplaying, building a massive castle, or constructing a sky-based empire, Flame Network is perfect for you! Our network features 4 servers, which are Bending, RPG, Towny, and Creative. Servers we feature: Bending - Based on the Legend of Korra TV series, allows you to bend Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Chi. These elements all have custom moves which are coded by our developers to ensure you have the most unique and fun experience. We also have Towny on the bending server, which adds a better alternative than the generic factions plugin that other bending servers have. RPG - With magic, movecraft, pets, marriages, and free nick names; this server is ideal for the one who's obsessed with roleplaying. For claiming your precious builds, use the golden shovel to select two points which will be protected by your claim. Creative - Grab a plot, build your dream house, and marry a beautiful woman or handsome man without the fear of griefers! Also, you won't fall behind in the latest trends because we have iTags! iTags is a hashtag plugin and allows you to get the attention of a user by doing @<username> in-game. Towny - Join a job and earn money, create a new civilization, and work to start a nation and become a server superpower! With mcMMO, SilkSpawners, and MythicDrops (custom mob drops), we offer the most enjoyable and unique experience on a towny server! And much, much more! Join us today and see what paradise on a Minecraft network is like!

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