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Welcome to Corruptioncraft IP: We are an 3year old community who have just reopend in style. The server has been up since 06July So make an early start! we are a all round pvp/survival server, as cheesy as it sounds but we are different that other servers we are here for the communtiy. The server is run as a hobby money is not needed and we will hope to see you guys join Welcome to the Land of corruptioncraft, Do You dare to step further into a corrupted fantasy work, were every step could lead you to death. The Poor will Struggle, The Rich will Live the land like a luxury. Do You Dare step into the woods of Screams...Meny Adventures Say "We cannot survive without helping each other" Ever since then They teamed up into Faction Clans Making Huge Castles to protect themselfs from the outside Any outsiders will be Removed Meaning a short life Gather materials witch you can sell on to Each other or the Local Shop For Gold, witch can get you Tool, Armour. To become a hero, and help the children/citizens of CorruptionCraft The days are Becoming Harder The materials are Getting shorter, Food Is getting shorter, animals are running away to unknown lands, this is where WE become a team, help each other Enjoy With fun Minigames And one day you will become to the top

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Server Information
Registration DateJanuary 17, 2017
Last Pingedabout 1 month ago
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Version 1.12
CountryServers in United States of America
Server TypeMinecraft Java Edition