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Ophion Dwarventure

<center><img src=""></center> <strong>Above you have seen a short explenation of our unique Dwarventure server. Basically you begin as a 'dwarf' you aren't really small, but the world makes look small. You are able to select a class for your dwarf, example Ninja. Every class has its pros and cons. Ninja is very stealthy but won't be as good in combat as Warrior. What to do with the classes in a big world? Survive! Your challenge will be to create the strongest faction out there. You will need somebody from every class to remain strong. A Blacksmith is needed to repair a Warriors weapons and an Alchemist is needed to enchant these. Are you ready for something new? Unique? Come and join now!</strong>

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Ophion Dwarventure
Server Information
Registration DateJanuary 17, 2017
Last Pinged6 minutes ago
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Version 1.12
CountryServers in United States of America
Server TypeMinecraft Java Edition