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Terra Australis RPG

Welcome to Terra Australis We offer three different worlds, each offering different styles of gameplay; Survival - Classic minecraft; build with other players, mob spawning and access to the nether and the end. - Optional region and PvP protection. - Lock doors, chests, dispensers etc. - Access to shops and creation of player stores and towns. - Minigames - PVP/CTF arenas Wilderness - Griefing, raiding and PVP enabled 24/7. - Limited command access and delayed teleports between other worlds to allow for uninterrupted gameplay. - Access to local shops and global bank to transfer loot to survival world. RPG - Detailed quests. - Skills. - Co-operative mode. - Separate inventory. - Form parties with other players and NPC familiars and hirelings to complete raids/quests. Other Features McMMO Now across all of our worlds. Parkour Arenas Have a go at navigating through parkour courses of different difficulties for rewards and experience or make your own! Player made parkour courses are added to the plugin after having been approved. Guards and Defenders Hire a bodyguard to follow and protect you from hostile mobs and players or purchase a variety of defenders to protect your creations. Build massive armies and battle with other players and towns! Teamspeak External audio chat service; talk to your friends in game. We enforce a strict, no free items policy; as we feel that this ruins the purpose of the game in addition to adulterating the regulated economy we have established. Please visit our website for more information. Please note that some features are in development. We hope to see you soon!

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Terra Australis RPG
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