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Mythical Worlds Craft


We are a family friendly server thats been running for 7 years, We are always looking for more family's and members to join the server. The server is a safe place for all ages and education level to come and play, we run some fun plugins as well as just survive and build. We have a full admin buy and sell shops as well as a blacksmith to fix all you tools.

We do not allow swearing or bullying of any kind on this server, (You are only warned once and removed on second warning).

Plugins we run:

* ECONOMY - With full admin BUY & SELL market as well as user own markets.

* GRIEFPREVENTION - Stops all grief and protects your land.

* MCMMO - RPG skills.

* CRAFTBOOK - Build bridges and doors + more.

* LWC - Lock your chests and doors etc

* JOBS - Get paid in game for what you like doing in game.

* ACID ISLAND - Build your island with minimal resources.

* ASKYBLCK - Build your island with minimal resources.

* GREENHOUSES - Create greenhouse biome's.

* MAGIC SPELLS - Cast your spells with our magic scroll shop.

* WWARPS - Set your own warp as well as your home sets.

* REALESTATE - Sell your claimed builds with GP real estate.

* HORSE TP WITH ME - Teleport's your horse with you.

* CRYSTAL CHEST - Collect keys by mining etc and claim rewards.

* AUCTION HOUSE - Sell your unwanted items in a auction.

* BOTTLED XP - Save your hard earned XP for when you need it.


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Mythical Worlds Craft
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