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Yitzy101s Prison Server

Yitzy101s Prison Server

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Yitzy101's Prison Server is a lag-free and friendly PVP enabled prison server. Our server exceeds the boundaries of your average prison server. There's plenty to do, and a friendly active team of admins & staff who truly care about each individual player. Why not give us a shot? :) If you like us, please give us a diamond :) Server rules These rules are subject to change at any given moment. [1] No Harassing [2] No Drugs [3] No Spamming or you will be kicked or banned [4] No Weapons (iron or better) [5] No Smuggling Items From Free to Prison [6] No Advertising [7] Do Not Disrespect Staff Members [8] No Hacks/Cheats [9] No Racism Or Derogatory Remarks [10] Do not Abuse Exploits Server features Lag-free:Our server is completely lag-free, running on a blazing fast server. Gangs:We allow gangs. Hackers:We disallow the usage of any mods, clients, or xray texture packs. The server will detect the hacks and automatically ban you after kicking you several times. Protection:We have disabled all building and breaking of blocks inside the prison areas (with the exclusion of cells, and mines), and tnt is disabled in most areas. Mobs:Mobs are enabled, and creeper explosions are disabled. PVP: PVP is enabled in designated areas (mostly centered open areas) C (Your starting rank): Mine coal, iron, stone, and some diamond Chop wood in the tree farm Rent a cell where you may build, and store your items Rent a market area to sell your materials or items Sell items at the shop or at mines (quick sells) Enchant in 1 of the 2 public enchantment rooms Rent space at the black market to sell your illegal materials or items Play the Maze or Parkour for some cool in game rewards Trade players by right clicking them Enjoy PVP in PVP enabled areas (be sure to type /pvp-on to disable your PVP protection) E(Cost: $50,000): May apply for guard (/apply) Improved rentable cells Mine Ender stone, diamond, gold, quartz, and lapis Chop wood in the improved tree farm Enchant in the improved public enchantment area Craft or smelt in private crafting rooms Sell items at the shop or at mines (quick sells) Play the more difficult Parkour for some cool in game rewards Improved the shop with more materials and items available Enjoy PVP in PVP enabled areas Y (Cost: $150,000): Mine Wool Improved rentable rooms Private enchantment rooms Chop wood in the 2 story tree farm Play the impossible Parkour for some cool in game rewards Free(Cost: $220,000): You've gained your freedom! Enjoy it. You've just opened up a whole new world for yourself. There is just so much to do here. Let's keep these builds & features a secret. *Planned:permission to visit the Prison Beta(Cost: $10 USD): Access to the exclusive Beta shop Access to exclusive private/public enchantment rooms Purchase an animal farm area Play Paintball with your friends (on teams) and earn rewards Gain easy access to areas via portals Weekly rewards and kits (coming soon) Exclusive commands for Beta players VIP(Cost: $16 USD): Access to the Drug Farm: sell the drugs in the black market, or use them. Access to the Wood Mine Access the exclusive VIP shop Harvest pumpkins at the Pumpkin Generator Trade with villagers in the villager shop Fight mobs and earn rewards in the Mob Arena (coming soon) Weekly rewards and kits (coming soon) Exclusive commands for VIP players Help & support We assist all of our users via our ticket support system (help desk): All ban appeals, plugin suggestions, reporting, is handled there. Our amazing staff: We are always open to new ideas and suggestions from our users. Simply submit a ticket: to our support team and we will respond within 24-48 hours. * All ban appeals are (only) dealt with via our support tickets system *

Yitzy101s Prison Server
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