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PokeNation check out the map --> Welcome to our wonderfull server based on the Pixelmon Mod. We have recently reached our 1 year point of the server and we're still going strong. The server is currently in a fall/halloween decore to celebrate the holidays. Read below for more information about the server. Adventure | Competitive | Quest | Gyms | Elite 4 | Events | Plot World | Biomes Adventure: You and your pokemon will train hard and conquer the gyms to earn badges and gain the title Champion of Pokenation. The map is also filled with custom quest to keep you occupied. Your adventure will take place on a custom map made by our owner Eisenbahnn and fellow admins check out the map --> Competitve: This server is really based around the competitive aspect of pokemon. Our players love to train the best to be the best. Everyone loves to battle each other and create memorable battles that will go down in history. However we are also always helping each other out to make sure everyone becomes their very best because everyone has potential. Quest: Our custom built map is filled with tons of custom quests set by our owner to insure that you will have lots to do while playing on the server. These quests will have rewards like fossils, random pokemon, items, money, and SHINY POKEMON!! You will never have nothing to do. Gyms: There are a total of 16 gyms to fight, 8 being in both the Johto and Kanto regions. By working hard and training everyday you can defeat all the gyms and follow to the Elite 4. Elite 4: When obtaining a combination of 8 badges from either region you are able to challenge the Elite 4 and climb your way up the rankings of becoming the best. Events: We have weekly events that everyone can play :D Events like safaris, Pokeloot hunt, capquests, and much much more! We try to have lots of events to enhance your enjoyment while on the server. Plot World: Plot world is a warp to a new world where players are allowed to own plots of there own and build what ever they want. Have fun being creative and compete with each other on having the best builds. (Currently disabled due plugin bug) Biomes: To make sure players are able to catch all pokemon (except legends which are spawned at events) we set biomes to allow all to spawn. From desert to deep ocean biome, We got them all. If you love pokemon and minecraft this is the server for you :D ~PokeNation~ check out the map -->

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