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DesiredCraft Network

DesiredCraft Network

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DesiredCraft is a PvP Enabled Survival server with Friendly Staff. We have anti greifing rules with rollbacks for griefers. Some Towns or Villages won't tolerate PvP so make sure you find out first. We have MultiWorlds like Main Survival World, Hardcore PvP World, and soon to be: Mine World, and DesertWorld. We have big Market to improve your experience. You can Join a Town or Village, or build your own. Building your House in the Wild increases your chance of being stalked and killed when you leave your Home. You will start as a Peasant and can work your way up to higher ranks. You can donate for VIP Rank. Server IP: Our Website: Donations get you many benefits! Some are Custom Prefix,Custom Name Color, and More Commands. Go here for more info: Rules: You can find all the Rules at the spawn, please read them. How to Join. Go To Multiplayer. Type in the Server IP. Hit Enter. Server Details: Online 24/7. Can hold up to 150 people with no Lag. Whitelist not enabled. The server is a Survival and Economy Server. Monsters And Animals Are On. We are now accepting Unban requests! Go to our Website, and go to Unban Requests. We also need someone with a Good Computer to make a Video of our Server for us.

DesiredCraft Network
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