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The Burrow

The Burrow is a small but growing Minecraft network, offering many features. We offer many features, and are always looking to add more features and game modes to make our community more enjoyable as we grow. Below are some of the main features we offer. 


  • Extremely large 500x500 plots which can be merged with your other plots to create even larger plots 
  • Get 4 plots from the moment you join - you can unlock more plots by voting for the server or donating 
  • Free world edit from the moment you join (including copying, pasting, replacing, set blocks, spheres, cylinders and more - liquids are allowed too!) 
  • Free VoxelSniper access (for terraforming) 
  • Import & export schematics through our website so that you can import your existing builds (or other peoples) and export your builds on the server to share with others! 

Why Us? 

With there being many servers and networks out there, we understand it can be hard to find one good for you. We have put together a short list of some of the reasons that we believe makes us epic

  • 100% (or close to) uptime 
  • Hosted on a dedicated server, we can modify anything if something isn't working 
  • Security is a priority - we are constantly looking and resolving security issues to make our network as safe as it can be 
  • Regular backups - backups of the entire server are taken every 24 hours, and a backlog of 7 days are kept locally on the server, as well as the previous 2 days kept remotely in case of any server or network failures 
  • Long lived - we have been around since May 2014, and have no plans to disappear any time soon 
  • Regular updates - we regularly are adding new features requested by players. Want something new? Ask us 
  • Supporting Minecraft versions 1.8 -> latest release - feel free to play on your preferred game version! 

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The Burrow
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The Burrow
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