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Simply the best Minecraft experience in the Southern Hemisphere

BattleAU is an exciting Australian Minecraft server that offers an intense and thrilling PVP experience unmatched by any server you have seen before. Our dedicated team of coders at Nautilus Studios have set an entirely new standard for Minecraft PVP with their completely custom plugins. Their ongoing commitment to the server ensures our community continues to play high quality, and fun plugins. We currently run two servers, one running the game-mode called Dominate, and the other server running BetterPVP.

Inspired by the Factions plugin, Clans allows players to group up into teams, and work together in order to become the best on the server. Clans can forge great alliances and daring rivalries with one another. The thing that makes Clans so unique is the way you take over land. Instead of stealing the land of other clans through power, Clans uses a special system called Dominance. You can dominate an enemy clan simply by killing them 16 more times than they kill you, and once you have dominated them, the invasion event begins. You and the dominated clan have 10 minutes to prepare and arm yourselves for battle. During the invasion, your clan has full access to all of your enemy’s land. Your goal is to invade their base, kill all those who stand in the way, and pillage as much valuables as possible. The enemy team will do whatever they can to defend their base, so you can only imagine the intense battles that take place! After the invasion is over the enemy's land will be protected once again, but of course, there's nothing stopping you from dominating them again ;)

Find out more about the awesome armours we have!]Assassin Class (Leather Armour)
With roped arrows and high mobility, the Assassin class gives players the ability to leap and go invisible to strategically overcome your foes. It is a high power class with a lot of damage but lacks defense, so to win you must use your skills wisely. With only 24 leather you can make yourself a powerful player that can rip through other armours when played correctly. Skills that can bleed enemies, flash or blind your enemies, this class makes you feel invincible!

Ranger Class (Chain Armour)
If you have a keen eye and accurate shots, then maybe archer is for you! However this archer isn't your typical bowman... They might have Napalm Shot, which scatters fire-lit arrows on the ground to burn enemies nearby, or maybe Longshot which gives additional damage if the shot is far away! Have a really good aim, or wish to bow 'em up close? Equip Sharpshooter as consecutive shots do more damage! Don't be deterred and think that this class is only for bowing, having Wolf's Fury will make you a beast at close up fights, giving you the Strength effect to the level of how much your skill has been upgraded (Eg. 2 Upgrades on Wolf's Fury grants you Strength 2 for a short time). About to die? Right click with your axe and equip Agility, the ability to have speed 1 until you interact, stop sprinting or until the ability wears off!

Mage Class (Gold Armour)
Mage has multiple abilities that harness the power of Fire, Ice, Lightning and Earth. With over 20 abilities to pick and choose from, mages can select a setup that suits them best. The Magma Blade skill equipped with a fire-based skill is a deadly combo, burning the enemy to a crisp. However they enemy might be packing the Arctic Armour passive, alongside the Freezing Blast ability which would allow for a quick and easy escape.

Knight Class (Iron Armour)
Unleash your inner power with the Knight class. This armour is the best for defensive or offensive customization, with abilities such as Swordsmanship which boosts your attack damage or Deflection which lowers your damage taken. Got shot by an archer in the distance? No worries! If you have Fortitude on then you'll regenerate health in no time! But when things get physical and you are paired up against an enemy in a face-off, make sure you pack a sword skill. When using Riposte, parrying with your sword will block an incoming attack, give you a quick burst of health and energy and extra damage on your next hit. If quick thinking isn't your forte, there are other skills to choose from! Knight is one of the best sets for 1v1's or group fights with the opportunity to be tanky, or extremely powerful!

Brute Class (Diamond Armour)
The brute class is a colossal monster. Unlike Knight which has skills to increase your defense or damage, Brute relies on special abilites such as Flesh Hook, a sword skill that pulls enemies towards you, or Dwarf Toss, the skill to pick enemies and throw them! Jump off a building and feel like an absolute beast as you hurl enemies into the distance with Seismic Slam when you land, creating an eruption around you that flings nearby players into the air. Brute is a skillful class that may take a bit of time to get used to, however deals mass amounts of damage if played correctly.[HR][/HR]All the classes share three global passive sections. In each global passive (A,B and C) there are several skills. Some grant more energy, some allow you to jump higher, swim faster, take less fall damage, reduce the amount of time you are on fire, confused, poisoned or blind for, and much more. "Take a look at our diverse weapon system Unique Items and Weapons
The default Iron Sword and Axe dealing standard damage (depends on which class).

Power Swords and Axes (Gold) deal an additional 1 damage (1/2 a heart) per hit.

Alternatively if you want increase the level of your armour's sword or axe abilities, then the Booster Sword/Axes (Diamond) will do this, however you will deal 1 less damage as a trade off.

Proximites are mines that are thrown with left click that can ignite, shock or send enemies flying in the air if they step on it!

Water Bottles extinguish you or your allies and provide fire resistance for 2 seconds.

Throwing Axes deal damage when thrown at an enemy.

If you are intrigued by a player and want to find out what armour abilities they have equipped, the Scanner VR-9000 is a one of a kind device that displays the skills that a player is using when right clicked in the direction of the player.

Special and Rare Weapons Hyper Axe - Gives you a speed boost activated upon right clicking. The hyper axe reduces the delay between hitting people, meaning you can hit players almost 4x as fast, but dealing less damage.
Magnetic Blade - Pulls dropped items and players to you with a heavy grasp within 1-8 blocks. The magnetic blade can be activated by holding right click. The Magnetic Blade also adds an extra 1 damage comparing to a standard sword..
Lightning Scythe - A weapon that strikes a lightning bolt down at a player, activated upon right clicking.
Flesh Maul - Adds additional knockback to a player upon hit and deals an extra 1 damage comparing to a standard sword.
Broad Sword allows you to gain regeneration whilst holding down right click. The broad sword also deals an extra 3 damage comparing to a standard sword.
Wind Blade - Allows the player to leap into the air, activated upon right click.

Energy Most attacks use up energy. Your energy is displayed by the experience bar, and the text above it shows how much damage you dealt previously. Instead of spamming all your attacks like crazy, you must be smart with how attack as once your energy is drained, your attacks will deal 50% less damage. Your energy will regenerate once you stop attacking, but it is always ideal to never run out![/SPOILER]Dangerous World Events
BattleAU offers a one of a kind World Event system. The aim of these events are to promote PVP, as clans will fight against each other in order to ensure that they are the ones to loot the valuable resources at these events. We plan to run many different events in the future.
See the World Events we have!]UndeadCamp127d.png
The Undead
The Undead event is a great way for players to earn valuable loot if they are able to conquer the dangerous and highly skilled monsters. The undead base is a randomly sized structure that is constructed somewhere in the world. From smallest to largest is the undead camp, village and the fortress. The larger the bases are, the more money there is to be made. At the base there are enderchests which provide high value emeralds which you can sell. There are also unique furnaces which give the player vital materials such leather, iron, gold and diamonds. The coordinates of the base appear in the global chat for the whole server to see, and upon arrival by the players, they are met by the undead. These customised and powerful mobs protect the precious loot of their base. The undead knights possess superior strength and with their ability to leap towards the player, it won't be easy to escape their grasp. Assisting the knights are the undead Archers, whose piercing arrows can be devastating, particular with the rapid fire attack they can use. But the undead mobs aren't the only thing to worry about. Other players and their clans will be at the undead event to try and get some of the loot as well. There is no doubt that you will have to fight other players in order to defend your earnings, or to steal theirs by killing them. Either way, there will be exciting PVP action for you to experience at this risky, and possibly very rewarding event!
Charles Witherton
Charles Witherton is one of the most powerful withers among them all! His destructive and hostile behavior will really put you to the test. If you dare face him you will need all the back up you can find! If you manage to conquer this mighty beast, it is very rewarding. Charles drops glorious rewards for whom who kills it. Charles fires projectiles towards you which explode on impact. If you get hit by one of these projectiles, Charles can cast a Wither effect on you and as a consequence, you are vulnerable to taking more damage then usual. Whatever you do, do not lead him back to your base as his destructive power will do lots of damage! Charles has two stages. The first is where he flies above you launching his deadly projectiles, dealing massive damage. The second stage begins when you manage to get Charles to a quarter of his HP, and he begin to fly at a lower altitude. This height allows you to attack him with melee attacks, but his attacks are even more lethal so be careful!
Skeleton King
The Skeleton King is an elite in both areas of range and melee. The Skeleton King is surrounded by his followers who will defend their King from anyone who plans to take him out. These are not just normal skeletons either, as when commanded, they will get in a circular formation and fire a barrage of arrows in every direction. These are very dangerous, so be sure to take some cover. Players must be very tactical, and work together in order to draw out this foe. One clan member could try to distract the minions, while the others come from behind and take the Skeleton King by surprise. Playing smart against this boss will reward you greatly.
Slime King
The Slime King is a mighty boss for the players who are willing to take it on. Upon arrival at the oversized slime, the players will notice smaller slimes orbiting in the air around him. These smaller slimes act as the Slime King's defenses, and they must shot down with arrows before he can be attacked. But even with the defenses down, he is a very powerful foe. If players foolishly shoot arrows at the slime king while he has no defenses, he will not hesitate to launch a slime rocket right back, a projectile that will harm you greatly if you get in the way. Players must charge at the slime king with their swords, but this is no easy feat, as he can deliver an overwhelming amount of damage if he manages to land on you. Once players are able to bring the slime king to zero health, the action is not over yet. The slime king then splits in half, and the process repeats until he cannot split anymore. Although this can be a long and grueling battle, it is worth it for the huge amounts of emeralds that can be recovered from the slain monster.Mob and Ore Fields
The Fields is a special area in the center of the map that regenerates huge veins of Coal, Iron, Gold, Lapis, Diamond and Redstone every few hours. So many of these valuable resources makes it easy for you to craft the armour set you want or to cash them in for coins. Also at the Fields are many mobs which can be killed for food so you don't go hungry, bones which you can sell at the Shops, and Leather to easily make Assassin armour. Since the Fields has so much to offer, it draws in lots of players making it a very dangerous but rewarding PvP hotspot!

Dominate: (currently offline)

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