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The server is highly magic based. We have cast spells, which you can find hidden throughout kingdoms. These allow for combat perks, such as throwing a fireball from your fists. The server also has magic items, seen on no other server. An example is "The Dark One's Dagger". The server has a power known as 'The Dark One'. Whoever is 'The Dark One' is immortal and cannot die unless they are killed by the item known as "The Dark One's Dagger". Whoever kills 'The Dark One', becomes it. Not only that, but whoever holds the dagger, can control what The Dark One does. For example, they can force The Dark One to fight someone. It is also possible to find curses. Curses require items to cast, however they are powerful. An example is The Vampire Curse, trapping a player to burn in sunlight, but also giving them speed, strength and jump boosts. Whoever a vampire kills, becomes a Vampire. Another curse example is The Dark Curse, which traps the entire server in a city of your choosing until the spell is broken. The server has several kingdoms, each kingdom having its own unique rules. It is a free build server with lots of role play and PVP. 

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SullyCraft IP192.99.19.187
Registration DateApril 02, 2017
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Version 1.12
CountryUnited States of America flag