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XenPrison - Minecraft Prison Server 

About the Server 

The server is a 2014-15 style prison, meaning theres no Autosell or /sell and instead, theres signs. The server features 26 mines, going from A-Z and then Free which is a default Minecraft world where you can do whatever you want. We also feature unique features such as:
- Custom PlotMines 
- MineParties @ VoteParties, which features the most expensive selling blocks in the server to make the most money. We have these every 50 votes 
- Casino Slots 
- Mine Reset Percentages 

Applying for Staff 

When applying for staff, it is important that you keep in mind we track every players play-time, date since last join, how long you play for on average at a time, rank, join date and punishment record so please do not apply if you joined 20 minutes ago. Applying for staff is a long and time consuming process, and there are requirements: 
- No Ban Record (Doesn't include other punishments) 
- There is an age limit (We do not disclose due to people lying about their age, you will be told if you're underage) 
- Activity (Must be rank O or above) 
- Must have joined at least 1 week prior to applying 
- Must have a Microphone (good quality) and be able to speak 

If you meet all of the following requirements, and want to apply please email [email protected] 
In your application please include your date of birth, your full name and as much detail as possible (200 words pref). Asking any staff to read your application will result in it being instantly declined. 

Server Information
Registration DateApril 06, 2017
Last Pinged
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.12
CountryUnited States of America flag
Server TypeMinecraft Java Edition