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RaptyCraft prison

RaptyCraft Prison

RaptyCraft Prison, is a minecraft prison server, We try to be differenet to be different from most other prison servers. We DO NOT run in a block format, we have differenet tiers that you will unlock on your way up the ladder we have live events, Pvp, Mob Arena and heaps of other things to make your time enjoyable and fun on the server.

Note: You do not require the port to join.

Email: [email protected]


The following rules go into effect every time you join this server. No one is exempt from the rules. Do NOT complain if you break a rule and you are punished for it.

PvP Abuse: If you kill more than 10 people in less than 2 minutes you will be jailed. The only exception of this rule is if a guard or Warden is not online. Jail Time 5 minutes (if someone is doing this provide screenshots and post them on the forums).

Standing outside of a PvP zone and waiting for someone to walk into it to kill them is known as Camping. You will be killed and/or jailed 5 minutes for this offense.

Having visible contraband:
There are reasons items are labelled as contraband. Your goal is to get around this rule by hiding your things. If a guard sees you with a contraband item he/she will ask for the item and give you 5 seconds to throw it at their feet. If you do not hand over the item you will be jailed 5 minutes.

Walking up to someone and hitting them once and repeating the cycle for 5 minutes would be considered trolling. Yes it is fun to screw with some people. If a guard see's you trolling another player, or you troll the guard you will be jailed for 5 minutes.

Trying to kill players in the mines:
If you are caught doing this by a Guard, Mod or Admin you will be either jailed for 1 hour or temp banned.


Rank: E / Block: E

Starting Block - This is our only rank that is in the typical block form. You have a small tree farm but fast regrowth, a stone mine with coal and iron, and extra small amount of diamond, and a small pig farm left off the mine. there is no PVP in this block so players can get started without worrying about losing everything they have.

Rank: D / Block: D

Rank up price $15,000

Once you rank up from E, you are on your way to success, you will unlock the first tiers of the rest of the prison. This includes the first mining tier which is a Mossy Stone.

Rank: C / Block: C

Rank up price $30,000

Ranking up from D to C unlocks the next levels in mining. The C-Mine is a Cracked Stone Brick mine.

Rank: B / Block: B

Rank up price $75,000

Ranking up from C to B is one of the biggest rankups. You have access to the first mine more diamonds in it. It is Brick Mine.

Rank: A / Block: A

Rank up price $120,000

The A-Tier is the final tier before your free. Lastly the best mine in the default tiers, a Netherrack Mine loaded with ores.

Rank: Free

Rank up price $200,000

The Free Rank gives you access to the Free world where you can explore build and create! but be warned others can grief you, you have access to two mines in this rank one full of building blocks, another filled with ores to rankup

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RaptyCraft prison
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RaptyCraft prison
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