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BunnyRealms - what is it 
BunnyRealms is a factions only server, running 24/7. The server consists of a main spawn, a shop, a maze, a racetrack and a PVP arena, where you can test your combat skills against other players, all around the globe. 

What makes BunnyRealms so special 
You recongnize BunnyRealms on the bright, happy colours used in our buildings. We have dedicated staff members located all around the world to provide support at any time during the day. In addition to that, were constantly updating, bringing new and exciting content to the server. The server is just starting off, but growing every day. On the server, we already have... 
Custom Terrain 
Player markets coming soon 
Dedicated staff 
A large-scale PVP arena. 
Daily rewards and kits 
almost No lag - noone can achieve that! 

If that sounded interesting, why not give it a go Whats the worst that could happen 

Staff Members 

Our staff members are working hard every day to make the server even more enjoyable for you! If you ever find yourself in need, wether or not its something big, something small, or something very techy, - our staff members are happy to help! 
Heres a complete list of staff members: 

Shadnlil, Owner |

BunnyTadPole, Developer |

Lostalgic, Admin |

Frostalgic, Web-Developer |

Server Version 

The server itself is running Minecraft 1.9 - but that doesnt mean limited to! Here on BunnyRealms, we actually allow both 1.9 AND 1.11 clients to join! Thats right! No excuses! We will always stay up-to-date with the latest version of Minecraft! 

Support the bunnies! 

Running a Minecraft server is expensive, and BunnyRealms is no exception. If you really enjoy playing on our server, and you would like to show your love, have a look at our donation store. There, you'll find different packages which all will be given to you on the server, upon checkout. Remember that donating is ENTIRELY optional, and don't feel pressured to. We always appreciate every donation - big or small, and every single coin given by you, will be put right back into the server! If you would like to do so, have a look at our donation store here Bunnyrealms.buycraft.net
We are completely aware of the EULA enforcement, read the terms and conditions before buying!


So you need help, Or just want a problem solved, a question answered No problem! If there are no available staff members on the server, you can always find us here... 

Shadnlil's Private Email: [email protected] this is a private email, so do not expect an answer right away. The email goes directly to Shadnlil, and no one else 

BunnyRealms Staff Email: [email protected] will respond within 24 hours on weekdays 

Add Shadnlil on skype: live:shadnlil 

Find more info about us and the server in general on our official website, here 

We would love to see you on the server! 

Bunny Realms
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Version 1.12
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