Prismatic Gaming's Hub Server

Prismatic Gaming's Hub Server

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Welcome to Prismatic Gaming!

Here is a look at what we have to offer.

Hub Server

Waiting for a friend, or just hanging out, our hub has much to do!

Custom made spawn: Any good community has custom made maps. Well, we spared no expense to bring you the best possible hub map we could get. Imagine you are a god walking through a Colosseum among the heavens. Yeah, it's that awesome.

Creative Server

Do you enjoy building but feel bad when nobody can see your amazing build? Join our Creative server! Build with friends to compete for the "Golden Plots" next to spawn!

Custom made map: Everything on our creative server's map is custom made. The roads, the golden plots, and of course, the spawn. We even manage to turn our logo into a 3D sculpture of beauty that ever so flawlessly incorporates into the spawn.

Factions Server

Classic Factions. However, we have lots of plugins installed to optimize your experience on our server.

Custom made spawn: Not your typical square boring castle spawn. However, we want to keep the tradition of the castle spawn. So we put it on an island with a village. Take your starting boats and travel in any direction of your choosing. With 3 different biomes less than 300 blocks from the Island we are sure you will find something to your liking.

Skyblock Server

Your Classic Skyblock Server, but with custom plugins and the best spawn possible! We wanted to keep the tradition of grinding so prices are a bit different! With 8 custom islands, you can decide what you want! We plan to add even more to Skyblock, including custom enchants, and more!

Prismatic Gaming's Hub Server
Server Information
Registration DateJune 21, 2017
Last Pinged5 minutes ago
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Version 1.12
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