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MatureMC | Minecraft for adults.

MatureMC | Minecraft for adults.

MatureMC | Minecraft for adults. ip:

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MatureMC was set up after an initial idea sparked my mind.
After my break from Minecraft I wanted to join a server only to see that most of the servers are flooded and way to busy.
That's when I decided to start up MatureMC, a Minecraft server for adults.
In MatureMC you can play Minecraft and enjoy the game with likeminded people.
In here you can talk freely and discuss topics not suitable for minors.

All players must be above the age of 18. While younger applicants may be considered, they'd need a pretty decent whitelist application to get accepted.
Cussing is allowed, but should not be the primary focus of our conversation.
We're all adults, behave like one. We will not ban items or gameplay mechanics by using plugins.

When you join the game, you arrive in the survival world.
Right near spawn is a portal set-up to the creative world where you can build to your hearts content.
We have a block logging tool installed to protect your bases and builds from griefing.
Discord chat is linked to our server's chat. You need to link your discord account to your Minecraft one.
When you join the Discord it will explain to you how.
Feel free to join the forums to stay up-to-date with the latest info about MatureMC.

MatureMC | Minecraft for adults.
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