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Atrosity Factions/Survivals - NO EXPLOSIONS

Atrosity Factions/Survivals - NO EXPLOSIONS

Atrosity Factions/Survivals - NO EXPLOSIONS ip:

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We are a small factions community server with no explosions. "Wait what no explosions? How are we suppose to actually raid if factions involves the raiding mechanics utilizing TnT?" Well we added a twist to it where you can still raid making it where you are accessible to ANY chests either it's claimed or not meaning you have to be INSIDE the base via tpa from the inside or doors being left open. This is mainly to prevent obsidian bases all around and to have people spend their time making a unique base design anywhere where it relies on power per claim. FactionsTop will be added, lottery, auctions, silkspawners, playervaults, and much more. This server's priority is to hold a safer environment while there is there an active pvp environment excluding the usages of explosions such as TNT, ghast fireballs, and more.

Atrosity Factions/Survivals - NO EXPLOSIONS
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Registration DateJuly 05, 2017
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Version 1.12
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