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Texcore - Custom Minigames ! SkyBlock !

Texcore - Custom Minigames ! SkyBlock !

Texcore - Custom Minigames ! SkyBlock ! ip:

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Welcome to Texcore! 
We are sure you will enjoy our custom minigame "WAR GAMES"
Which is hardly modified version of SurvivalGames(aka HungerGames)
It has guns and vehicles like bikes and airplanes that can drop bombs!
Its unlimited fun to play alone or with friends! Be sneaky sniper
or just go full out with tons of grenades and ak-47s
Than after everything is over go and chill on your very own skyblock island 

Join now to get free BOX TOKENS! You could win epic ranks with them :d 

We accept any minecraft versions from 1.9 or above!

Texcore - Custom Minigames ! SkyBlock !
Server Information
Registration DateJuly 08, 2017
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CategoriesEconomyHunger GamesSkyblockSkywarsSurvivalGTASmallFunCops And RobbersGuns
CountryUnited States of America flag
Server TypeMinecraft Java Edition