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Welcome to Archery Brawl(AB), our goal is to create a unique, fun, and enjoyable experience for all players, a friendly, and a non-pay2win community/server with the best plugins and features!
This isn't your everyday faction server...

What we offer, Features, and Why you should play our factions server from the 100s of other factions servers out there:

+We make it so you don't have to team with other players (if you don't want to), to have a successful faction/base.
All players have a maximum of 100 (/f power) and can be extended to max of 500 per player via; Donation, Voucher(vouchers are special voting rewards given to the top voter of the month), or Multiple hacker/bug reports(5-20 in 1-2 weeks).
The power cap for all factions is 1000

+We have absolutely no resets, because we believe that all players should be able to keep their bases, stashs, and builds for as long as they like or as long as they can protect it.

+Everyone has 10 /sethomes (donators get more)

+Creeper eggs DO NOT break obsidian or bedrock (nice try freecamers and wall glitchers).

+Donators do not get /fireball, this means that if they get into your base and your chests are protected via water they won't be able to pop your chest easily with a fireball.
They also do not get /heal or /fix, we want things to stay some-what legit.

+To keep things balanced and not too OP, the only 100% safe and unraidable storage you'll ever get, for free, is an enderchest /echest (This means that there is no Player-Vaults)

+Our server version is 1.12 with over 57+ plugins (and we are adding new plugins/features almost every week/month)
I honestly like the 1.9.X+ combat system, but since it seens like a lot of people don't, we'll work on getting it removed with some coding. We'll put it up to a vote and let the community choose rather we should remove the cooldown or not.

+Gapples are craftable.

+(Plugin being updated)Sword throw - You will be able to throw your sword, yes you read that right you will be able to throw your weapons at your enemies just like you shoot and arrow with a bow

+Faction-Chat - This is pretty self explanatory most factions servers would have this I believe but from what I can see it doesn't come with the default factions plugin, so I choose to include it alway

+Silk-Touch Spawners - This is pretty self explanatory also, you'll be able to pick up spawners with a pickaxe that has the minecraft enchantment silk touch

+ More features and plugins to come +
Some of the soon to come features:
CustomTNT (Won't require you to install any mods)
What we need:
Loyal & trustworthy staff, by this I mean people who will be active on the server and not abuse their power. (You will know what I mean when you look at our application format)
2-3 java developers (So we can have more custom features and plugins)
A some-what famous youtuber that will bring alot of players to our server (100-1000+ subs)
The rules are simple:
No Advertising.
No Hacked Clients/Cheating.
No DoS/DoX Threats.
No Racism.
No Lag Machines.
No Excessive spamming.

-- Server & Contact information --

Server IP Address(Main|1):
Server 2nd IP Address(2): Coming Soon!
Server 3rd IP Address(3): Coming Soon!


Archery Brawl
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Archery Brawl
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