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ColossalGTA is a unique 1.8-1.12 GTA server with many features such as quests, crates, cops, guns, and more! 


Spawn is where you are able to purchase items, such as food, bank coins, vaults, apartments, weapons, and more! Spawn also hosts a casino where you can gamble your money for a chance to win double! There are warps such as warp enchant, where you can improve your armor, making it harder for enemies with guns to kill you. You can also check out warp donate which gives you all the information you need to know about donating, and the special perks and rewards you receive.  


The PvP arena is a GTA themed city, where you can fight it out with other players using guns, or melee weapons such as baseball bats! You can also loot supply chests all over the map, which give you melee weapons, guns, bank coins, money, ammo, and other goodies. Every few  hours there are also supply crate events which occur in the PvP arena, and these contain items more valuable than supply chests such as high quantities of money, super golden apples, and more! 

Custom Server:

ColossalGTA is a very unique GTA server, with unmatchable quality in the developing, and an unmatchable devotion to the players, and their ideas. When the server progresses, you can be assured that any ideas from players will definitely not go unheard, as we know more than anyone that the way to make a server the best it can be, is to listen to the feedback of the community, regardless if it is positive or negative. 

Voting & Donating:

Voting for the server is completely free, and you can do it daily by using the '/vote' command in game, which will give you a list of the ColossalGTA voting links. Every time you vote for the server, you are guaranteed rewards such as crate keys, money, exp levels, and more. Voting for ColossalGTA helps out the server very much, and expands out community, ultimately making your experience on our server more enjoyable! Donating for the server costs real money, and you can get to the donation store by using the '/buy' command in game, or going to Donating to the server gives you extraordinary rewards, from extra kits, to unique commands, to awesome cosmetics such as trails and being able to change your name color and chat color (these certain perks can be purchased under the 'Ranks' section). 

Although there are so many more features and awesome facts to tell you about our server, we think its best that you hop on ColossalGTA yourself, and see with your own eyes how awesome it is!

Server Information
Registration DateAugust 18, 2017
Last Pinged18 minutes ago
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Version 1.12
CategoriesPVPRoleplayGTACops And RobbersEconomyGunsPVESurvivalCityGood
CountryUnited States of America flag