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TroidNet is a "public" survival server, but I say "public" because when you join the server for the first time your rank is [Guest] by default, and guests can't do a single thing besides walk around the server and just look at the world. In order to be an official [Member] of the server you must go through our tutorial/quiz where we tell you about all the rules, commands on the server, and a quiz about what our server means by "Don't Build Ugly Things." (I recommend you watch Grian's video which explains what mean: Doing this allows new players to understand what the rules are and what commands they can do, and also ensure that the people on the server won't build things that look like griefing to us but not them :p. The people you will be playing with are 100% trusted since if a player(/warp report) or staff catch someone griefing, stealing, etc(breaking the rules), they will be immediately banned, and in the case that you are griefed, we have anti-griefing plugins that allow us to see who broke what and at what time, then revert back that specific area to a specific time. On top of all this our server has a shop/economy so that we can all focus on building cool things to have more fun, and we have mini-games that can be played with 2+ people subtly sprinkled throughout the overworld! We made them subtle and not a big part of the server because we didn't want to drift away from the main idea of what the server is meant to me, the mini-games are just for fun! 

Our goal is to have a server where we can just play and not have to worry about someone screwing around while we are gone while still having the server be public and not a white-listed one with our own friends. 


  • No Griefing/Stealing 
  • No Hacking 
  • Don't Build Ugly Things (box houses, 1x1 pillars, etc.) 
  • Don't Be Rude 

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