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Welcome to Project Echo! 
Hello! Thanks for dropping by. We're a Towny survival server with some plugins to keep the fun there. We were open a few months back under the Moniker "Ender-Empire", but a lack of funds/motivation ended up in it closing. However, neither of those should be an issue this time! We're back, and better than ever. 

Please note however, that this is our open test. There will be some bugs, some permissions might not be set, and things might not work as intended! I'm here to fix that. 

Here's some of the plugins that (as of writing) are interesting: 

Towny: We all know it, and some of us love it. Protect your base, and expand and grow to protect others! 

Slimefun: Bringing some of the fun from modpacks to vanilla minecraft! Build machines, craft cool tools, and take to the skies! 

Duels: Want to 1v1 your friend? Some player bugging you and you want to end it the old-fashioned way? Duel in our custom arenas! 

Runecraft: Magic- With a twist! Create complex runes using materials to do cool things! Want to lift a mountain into the air? Why not! 

mcMMO: Level up your skills by using them over and over! 

Jobs: Earn money by doing what you like. 

...and more to come! 

We currently have little to no staff, so if you'd like to apply, drop by and stay for awhile!

Project Echo
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Project Echo IP192.99.161.56
Registration DateAugust 22, 2017
Last Pingedabout 1 year ago
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