ForeverCraft 2.0

ForeverCraft 2.0

ForeverCraft 2.0 ip: MC.ForeverC.US

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ForeverCraft 2.0 is a dedicated hub server. Our server is meant to make server life easier and fun. ForeverCraft 2.0 is a 24/7 server with everything from plain survival, Paintball, BedWars and Creative. We work everyday on creating more mini-games and fun cosmetic perks for our players. 

Survival Life: 

Survival is a fun aspect of our server we provide a grief free, Toggle PvP Survival world. 
Our staff works around the clock cleaning up grief and fixing raids. When joining our survival server for the first time, you will be given a Starters Kit containing basic tools to help get you started on your Survival adventure! 


Staff is handpicked from the finest individuals and put through a series of stages. We pick new staff members every week (starting September 6th) and decide their fate the following week . It takes a lot to be ForeverCraft staff, our staff is friendly, reasonable, trustworthy and helpful. 

  • Bed Wars (Gather materials to trade for blocks, weapons, armor, and supplies. Build out and destroy your enemies beds. Wipe them out to win!) 
  • SkyBlock (Classic skyblock. Start with a tree, some dirt, and a few items, and work your way up. Can you outshine the rest?) 
  • SkyGrid (Jump from block to block, gathering resources. Watch your step, because one small mistake could be the end.) 
  • Building Game (Compete with up to 5 other players by building based on a theme. Create the best build to win!) 
  • PaintBall (A team based minigame in which the goal is to eliminate the other team by hitting them with paintballs(snowballs)) 
  • SurvivalGames (You and up to 23 other players fight to the death. Gather gear and don’t get caught off guard. May the odds be ever in your favor.) 
  • Creative (Create magnificent castes, massive arenas, or vast hellscapes. Resources are infinite, but is your imagination?) 
  • Spleef (A minigame in which you punch blocks under people's feet to knock them out) 
  • TNTRun (Keep moving as you and others cause blocks to fall. Watch your step and don’t fall!) 
  • Splegg (A minigame in which you punch blocks under people's feet to knock them out) 

ForeverCraft 2.0
Server Information
ForeverCraft 2.0 IPMC.ForeverC.US
Registration DateAugust 26, 2017
Last Pinged16 minutes ago
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Version 1.12
CountryUnited States of America flag