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illuminate HQ server 1.12.2

illuminate HQ server 1.12.2

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illuminate HQ server 1.12.2 ip:

Illuminate HQ hub

Gamemodes : Survival , Factions , Survivalgames , Bedwars , Creative , CreativeFlat , skyblock

Discord :
ip :

actions : Our faction server has little to no rules , besides hacking and spamming everything is allowed. Griefing,tnt,stealing,trolling is allowed and encouraged by members. Do bear in mind if we catch you hacking you will be trolled in a large way. 

We have Mystery keys and special kits for you to enjoy , these are free items . Buycraft keys will be added at a later day , we aim to make this factions server : Free to play , grind to win , pay to be a wallet warrior. 

More gamemodes will be added on a later date

Looking for : 

Social Media expert.

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illuminate HQ server 1.12.2
Server Information
Registration DateSeptember 06, 2017
Last Pinged
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.12
CategoriesCreativeEconomyFactionsHunger GamesPVPSkyblockSurvivalKit PVPTNTSpigot
CountryMinecraft Servers in Germany
Server TypeMinecraft Java Edition
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