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GodMC OP Prison

GodMC OP Prison

GodMC OP Prison ip:

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GodMC Prison


• Ranks that are in-game currently (/rankup). 

Spoiler - click to reveal

• Donators ranks has a lot of fun commands such as /slap /hug and others! 

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Rewards that from (/vote). 

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Server has been reopened , the old server name was "LegendMC" , the post was removed due to the privacy. 
We've working hard on it because of the database of the previous things were all renamed as "LegendMC: 
We've worked 2 mouths and done 
Remember , post ur ign in the comment below 

---- [ Vote Rewards ] ---- 
You may win Admin 10% 
You may win Mod 20% 
You may win VIP 50% 
You may win /fly 75% 
You may win /me 100% 
---- [ Vote Rewards ] ---- 

Server IP: 

AntiGrief , AntiCheat , AntiBot and others! 
Have Fun!

GodMC OP Prison
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GodMC OP Prison
Registration DateSeptember 19, 2017
Last Pinged3 minutes ago
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Version 1.12
CategoriesEconomyPrisonPVPMCMMOOP PrisonFunWar
CountryUnited States of America flag