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Server Name: LlamaCraft

Server Address: llamacraft.org

We are a brand new server and have just opened October 1, 2017! We are a Mature Family-Friendly server catering to ages 12+.

We offer a very simple Llama-based hub server to get to the following worlds:

Semi-Vanilla Survival - A rank-based survival world with plugins to enhance vanilla play. We offer 20 ranks with varying difficulty to reach each one. We have plans for other hard-level ranks for people who make it to the highest rank. We don't want the world to grow stale for our few DragonLords.  We offer shops that players can rent at spawn to help make money.  We utilize NPCs that offer free food at spawn as well as a "Bank".   

Creative - A plot based world, where players get 4 plots to do whatever they want with. Players may hold RPs freely. 

SkyBlock -  We offer a world based on the ASkyBlock plugin. We offer ## challenges with plans to introduce more so the games stays fresh and all blocks become obtainable in some fashion.

Factions -  We have a Factions server and require knowledgable players to help us set it up so it's the best Factions experience out there.

SkyFactory - In addition to the plugin based worlds, we also off modded worlds, like SkyFactory 3. It's like SkyBlock, on a sugar rush! 

Pixelmon -  We offer a Pixelmon (Pixelmon Dark 2.4) world for you Pixelmon players out there. 


Key Features:


DynMap for Survival, Creative, Factions

Grief Protection for all worlds

New Maps on all worlds as this is a new server

Gold Based Economy in Survival

Newbie Friendly Community where we are all Newbies here. 

Hidden Secrets/Easter Eggs in the hub(lobby).

Website is coming soon.  

TeamSpeak server at ts3.llamacraft.org

IRC server at irc.llamacraft.org

VIP access/donor priviledges, including no AFK timer, coming soon. 


Server Basics:


Located in Beauharnois, Canada because Canadians, they sure are friendly! 

Reliable hosting Company offering Protection from DDOS attacks


Our Rules:


Be kind and courteous to all members. Displays of toxic behavior that affect the community negativly will not be tolerated.

Keep chat relatively family-friendly, occasional swearing is fine. Just remember, everything in moderation.

Players must be ages 12+. No exceptions.

Recruitment of the server is the sole duty of admin and staff.

No griefing. This includes stealing from claimed/unclaimed chests, pranking players without their consent, harvesting farms or animals that belong to other players, mass terraforming/deforestation in unclaimed areas, or destroying builds/items placed by other players.

Keep the map pretty. No stray torches, floating trees, abandoned boats/craft benches, or 1×1 towers.

Do not build or harvest within two hundred blocks of other players’ builds without consent. Just because a a build isn’t claimed, doesn’t mean you can build next to it. Mining should be in your area and the general 200 block buffer around your area. (This is because our map is small right now.)

Animal/mob rooms should be kept at a reasonable entity number or they will be culled.

Redstone devices or mob grinders should be controlled by an on/off switch and not left on. Floating redstone machines are not allowed.

X-ray, flying, hacking mods, or the use of in-game exploits is strictly prohibited.

Circumventing the AFK timer kick is prohibited.


We are looking for quality of players, not quantity. We hope to find active players who are ages 12+. We want to create a Mature Family Friendly community. We are looking for like minded players who want to be a part of a a great new community and can always use some new friends. We opted for no whitelist as I have seen that a lot of players put in inaccurate info in whitelist applications and I don't think they add any value. I think players who intend to harm the community are easily identifiable and we will deal with them as we run into them. We're hoping most, if not all, players chose us because they want to help with our server/community and not drown it in lava or water. 

we are looking for builders for some of our spawns. I'd even be willing to let someone design a new hub server, if it looks good and incorporates LLamas! :)

I'm also in need of someone to run/design the website. 

There are a lot of Minecraft servers out there and I know we are starting late but I think we offer a good selection of servers to play on. 


We look forward to seeing you in game! :)

Server Information
Llamacraft IPllamacraft.org
Registration DateOctober 03, 2017
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Version 1.12
CountryUnited States of America flag