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Horizon Pixelmon

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Horizon Pixelmon, a Technic server using the Pixelmon Reborn - OFFICIAL modpack!

Looking for more Singaporean players! Server is port-forwarded, so people further away may experience high latency!


Blissey Leveling Trainers (Level 25, 50, 75, each once per day)

NPC Gym Trainers (Work In Progress)

Weekly Tournaments (Work In Progress)

Rotational Elite 4 and Champion every week

Free Old Running Boots, 20 rare candies, and a custom made Pokemon*! Tag @StevenLeviathan on the Discord if you need any assistance, and @OTCryo for server support!

* - No Legendary Pokemon or Ditto.

Pokemon will be given at it's first evolution stage (e.g. ask for a Charizard and you will be given a Charmander)

Pokemon can be shiny, have any moveset (as long as it is able to learn it via TMs, Level Up, etc.), EV/IV spread (if you do not wish to choose EV/IVs, then you may choose gender)

Horizon Pixelmon
Server Information
Horizon Pixelmon IP39.109.231.226
Registration DateOctober 26, 2017
Last Pinged11 months ago
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CountrySingapore flag