GCPVP - PvP, redefined

GCPVP - PvP, redefined

GCPVP - PvP, redefined ip: play.gcpvp.com

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Welcome to the official server posting for GCPVP!
If you’d like to skip the intro, feel free to go ahead and connect to our IP play.gcpvp.com now!

Server introduction

Thanks for taking the time to read this server post!

GCPVP has been around since 2012.

We operate a PvP server with ideas derived from the community that powers us.

The general concept is for everything we do in the server to be self-contained within spawn.

Each player kills mobs for their loot in exchange for emeralds.

They then use these emeralds to purchase armour and weaponry.

They then fight in the PvP arena (that is routinely & masterfully updated) and compete for the PvP scoreboards, as seen below:

At the end of every month prizes are issued for the top PvPers in the form of donator ranks/rewards and unique in-game items.

General features

  • Self-contained spawn & PvP arena, cutting out the middleman of mining & raiding for resources, resulting in MORE PVP!

  • 49 plugin installed as of the time of writing, resulting in an epic gameplay experience.
    All plugins have had time dedicated to them to ensure they are running tip-top. We have trail plugins, crate plugins, protection plugins, lag detection plugins, shop plugins, ban plugins, PvP plugins, general gameplay plugins & more.

  • We run off a 100% dedicated server/IP (play.gcpvp.com) and are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • We have a website over at www.gcpvp.com where you can view the latest news, information about the server and more!


Come and check out our website over at www.gcpvp.com!

Are you ready to play?

Great! Add the IP play.gcpvp.com into your client now - we can’t wait to see you there!

Do you play the server already?

If you play the server already, and are enjoying yourself, please vote for us! It helps us out tremendously and in turn gets you more players to PvP with!

GCPVP - PvP, redefined
Server Information
Discord Linkhttp://discord.gg/nVvgJsh
Registration DateNovember 21, 2017
Last Pingedover 1 year ago
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